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Voodoo Wolf Tasmania

Habanero And Honey Hot Sauce

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Habanero And Honey Hot Sauce

With the buzz of a bumble bee, the Habanero And Honey Hot Sauce has arrived. There are almost too many words to describe this flavour. Our favourite description is sweet and zingy. The unmistakeable Habanero flavour shines through with the added depth of fermented garlic and Tasmanian honey. 

Habanero are known not only for a reasonable heat level but one of the best chilli pepper flavours. Our aim is to bring you that well known flavour in a sauce you will need in your favourite line-up.

The added sweetness of Bruny Island Tasmania honey and fermented garlic lends this hot sauce towards white meats like chicken and pork, however, that's not saying that a good dash on your favourite burger won't go astray.

Heat Rating: Moderate

Contains: Habanero, Tasmanian honey, fermented garlic and pineapple, vinegar.

Please note that although our sauces do not contain gluten, soys, nuts or eggs, they are cooked in a commercial environment that may contain these products.