About Us

Hi, we are Voodoo Wolf Tasmania and you have found our small business !

If chilli peppers rule your life, you have landed in the right place. We L O V E chillies and we love making hot sauce. 

We are based in Southern Tasmania, and yes, that seems an odd place for something that is known for warmer climates - but here we are. You can't let a small challenge like the weather stop your passion.

Until now, we have been importing our chillies from Queensland to make our small batch hot sauces. 2022 brings a change in plans with progression into hydroponic growing. It is the a way to have control over the environment and increase the probability of producing fruit in a cooler climate.

Mexican Chillies Voodoo Wolf Tasmania

Follow our journey here, on Facebook and on TikTok. We want to share what we do and what we learn along the way.

You'll also find some super hot merch to compliment our hot sauces. We checked out the market and it really appears that the world is missing out on great chilli and hot sauce themed tees, so we are dabbling in that to keep you visiting our little website.

So thanks ! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to keep watch on our progress - and maybe try one of our sauces along the way.

Voodoo Wolf Tasmania

Mexican Chillies Voodoo Wolf Tasmania